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Service Sink Mop Sink Faucets

AT Faucet offers a heavy duty service sink faucet also referred to as a mop sink faucet.  This faucet is an 8" on center heavy duty splash-mount or wall-mount faucet.  It comes with a 6" spout as well as a wall bracket for support.  The end of the spout is threaded so you can attach a hose to the end making cleaning extremely easy.  There is also at the end of the spout a pail hook.  You simply attach the handle of the pail over the spout hook and leave.  The water will fill up the bucket and you will never have to hold the bucket while filling up again!  This service sink faucet comes with hot and cold handles as well as 2 escutcheons to attach to the wall.  The faucet is equipped with a vacuum breaker as well which prevents back flow of the water.  This is one of the many products AT Faucet offers for commercial kitchens!
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