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Stainless Steel Underbar Sinks

Every bar needs a place to wash glasses behind the bar.  Stainless steel underbar sinks offer this option.  Bar sinks come in a variety of lengths and depths as well as variety of compartment options.  The most common stainless steel underbar sinks come in 1, 2, 3 & 4 compartments.  You can get drainboards on the left or right or both sides to meet your underbar glass washing necessities. 

The standard bowl size for all underbar sinks is 10" left to right and 14" front to back.  The height of each bowl varies but they are usually roughly 10" to 11" in depth.  Some bars have more room for deeper sinks which allow you to place an underbar sink with a depth of roughly 24".  Narrower bars have just enough room to put a depth of between 18" to 19" front to back.  This is more then sufficient space for a back bar or underbar.   Standard work height of underbar sinks is 30" from the floor up.  Depending on the backsplash height, the overall height can range from 32" up to 37" from the floor to the very top of the backsplash.



If you are opening a bar or renovating, take a look at our variety of underbar sinks at  You can also view them at the following AT Faucet link:

Hope we have helped today discussing underbar sinks!  Any questions please feel free to call us at 888-316-9844 or send us an email at


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