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3 Compartment Bar Sinks

3 Compartment Stainless Steel Bar Sinks

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A necessity to any commercial bar are sinks.  AT Faucet bar sinks are the perfect choice for any bar, pub, lounge or club.  You will always need a rinsing area for all the glassware and containers used in the bar.  AT Faucet offers a full line of 3 compartment sinks.  We have a variety of lengths as well as variety of depths.  Every sink we offer has a bowl dimension of 10" left to right, 14" front to back, and 10" deep.  The smallest 3 compartment bar sink we offer is a 36" left to right and 18-1/2" front to back.  The overall height for bar sinks varies however the work heights usually stay the same.  The working height is usualy standard at 30" in height for bartender convenience and to work under the bar top.  The backsplash of the bar sinks ranges from 2" up to 7" on the ones we offer.  

All our sinks are NSF Certified and made of 304 stainless steel for long lasting life.  Each sink has faucet holes to install a faucet on that are 4" centers.  They either accomodate a 4" center wall-mount faucet if the sink is shallower or a 4" center deck-mount faucet if the sihnk is deeper front to back.  All our sinks come with an adjustable bullet foot on the bottom of each leg to balance out the sink especially on uneven floors.

If you are looking at one of our sinks, we also offer commercial faucets for all our bar sinks.  We offer standard duty and heavy duty versions all with warranties and NSF Certified.  If you have any questions regarding our products whether it be faucets, underbarr ice bins, or our 3 compartment stainless steel bar sinks, we will be happy to help!


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