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Back Bar Coolers

Back Bar Coolers

AT Faucet offers commercial back bar coolers and underbar refrigeration for any commercial bar, club, restaurant or pub establishment.  These are necessities in a bar to keep all your beverages, including beer nice and cold to serve to your customer.  We even have customers who use these items in their own personal house or home bar and they love them!  Our units are heavy duty quality coolers that come with warranties ranging from 1-3 year parts and labor and all units have a 5 year compressor warranty.  Every product from AT Faucet ships free of charge!  The price you see is the price you pay. 

Our coolers come in solid door style or you can go with the glass option.  We offer both styles with 1, 2 or 3 door options depending on the size of the unit you are interested in.  Every commercial cooler comes with a swing door which opens and swings out to the side for easy access.  The smallest unit we carry in the back bar cooler section is 23.5" and the largest unit is 90" for places that have that extra space for refrigeration.  The average height of our coolers is between 37" to 40".  We also offer casters for some or our refrigeration units to make transporting and moving around a breeze.  If you have a very hectic bar area and things are constantly getting dropped or kicked by mistake, we would always recommend the solid door units.  This way there will be no broken glass to clean up and no refrigerator to gete repaired.  If you are in the need of replacing an existing unit or purchasing a brand new one for opening day, AT Faucet has the item you are looking for!  Contact us today for any questions regarding our solid door or glass door back bar coolers!

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