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Bottle Coolers

Bottle Coolers

AT Faucet carries a full line of commercial grade underbar and bar refrigeration.  One of the top items for any bar is a bottle cooler.  Bars, pubs, lounges and clubs go through an enormous amount of bottles while serving their customers.  The customers require an ice cold beer when ordering and these bottle coolers are just the item for that!  Most bars require, dending on their size, a few of these to keep up with the fast pace of the customers.

We offer a large variety of bottle coolers ranging from 36" coolers all the way up to 95" coolers.  All the coolers come with stainless steel sliding lids for easy access while reaching in and grabbing a bottle to serve your customer.  Each and every one of our units also come with a bottle opener for added convenience.  The warranties range from 1 year to 3 year parts and labor and all unites come with a 5 year compressor warranty.  Not only do we offer a nice variety of bottle coolers, we also ship every unit free of charge.  The price you see when checking out is the final price you will pay.  These coolers are all either ETL Certified or NSF Certified. 

AT Faucet not only ensures quality products, especially on our underbar and bar refrigeration, we offer extremely competitive pricing to go along with the quality.  Every price on every item in our store is carefully figured out to make sure we are passing on the best pricing possible for all our customers.  We know money is always tight but with our pricing, you won't be able to beat it.  Let us know if you have any questions, concerns or even feedback on the bottle coolers because we would love to help out in any way possible!

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