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Grease Traps

Commercial Kitchen Grease Traps

AT Faucet Grease Traps are Heavy Duty Plastic for Long Lasting Life.  Every commercial kitchen is required to have a grease trap.  We make the decision of which size grease trap.  Our grease trap selection ranges from 14 lbs all the way up to 100 lbs capacity.  These grease traps are certified by the Plumbing and Drainage Institute otherwise known as PDI Certified.

A grease trap can be installed in a variety of places.  They can be inserted into the ground and cemented in, they can be installed in a basement, on the side of a commercial sink, in the floor or we even offer one that fits perfectly underneath a stainless steel compartment sink.  When choosing which grease trap to purchase, we always recommend consulting with your health department as many have a particular size that is required depending on the size of your building or usage of the trap.  People refer to the traps by the dimensions, the capacity of grease it can hold, or the G.P.M. of the grease intereceptor.  G.P.M. stands for Gallons Per Minute which is a describing how many gallons per minute each grease trap can withold or is certified to hold.  There are a variety of grease trap materials out there ranging from metal or steel to stainless steel to plastic.  We choose to sell the heavy duty plastic units for a few reasons; 1 being they come with a 10 year manufacturer's warranty.  Another reason is  these plastic units will not rust.  We have come into contact with an enormous amount of customers looking to replace their grease trap which has rusted out.  We ultimately made the decision that we do not want any grease traps that will over time rust out and immediately be forced to be replaced.

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