Mixology Units

Mixology Units

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AT Faucet manufactures and distributes commercial grade stainless steel underbar equipment.  All our products are made of 304 stainless steel for long lasting life.  We offer a few different options of mixology units all made by Glastender.  These mixology units are available with cutting boards, faucets, scrap chutes and glass rinsers. 

Mixology Stations are that perfect added feature to put behind your bar.  Bartenders as well as mixologists love these units.  They are free standing and fit right under the bar top.  When designing a bar or pub, take a look at these mixology units and you won't be disappointed!

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Glastender C-MFT-20 Stainless Steel Mixology Unit 20" - AT Faucet
Glastender C-MTS-14 Stainless Steel Mixology Unit 14" - AT Faucet
Glastender MFS-12 Stainless Steel Mixology Unit 12" with Cutting Board - AT Faucet
Glastender MTS-14 Mixology Unit 14" with Rinser Faucet & Tool Well - AT Faucet
Glastender MRS-12 Mixology Unit 12" with Rinser Faucet - AT Faucet
Glastender C-MRS-12 Stainless Steel Mixology Unit 12" - AT Faucet
Glastender C-MFS-12 Stainless Steel Mixology Unit 12" - AT Faucet
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