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Single Hole Deck-Mount Pre-Rinse Faucets

Single Hole Deck-Mount Pre-Rinse Faucets

AT Faucet is a commercial faucet and pre-rinse faucet manufacturer and distributor.  We are known for the quality of our pre-rinse faucets.  The pre-rinse sprayers give you the option to press and hold down a steady stream of water, almost like a sprayer or shower stream, that cleans off dirty pots, pans or anything needing to be sprayed down.  Our single hole deck-mount units are NSF Certified and are Lead Free.  We offer free shipping on this product along with every other product we sell.  The price you see is the price you pay.

The pre-rinse units are made of brass and plated in chrome.  They come with hot and cold indicators attached to the pre-rinse body.  The riser pipe which brings the pre-rinse faucet roughly to 42" - 44" in height is attached to the faucet body.  Then the spring reatainer and stainless steel hose attach to the riser which leads to the spray valve where the water comes out from.  The spray valve is a plastic handle which you simply press and hold down for continuous water flow or you can use the ring provided with the faucet to hold down the sprayer handle while rinsing.  This allows you to grab the spray valve, clean the dishes and not worry about holding the handle down continuously.  

For these pre-rinse faucets, we also offer the add-on faucet.  The add-on faucet acts like a standard faucet which hooks up to the riser of the pre-rinse unit.  You then have the option to use the faucet sprayer function or the add-on faucet spout function depending on your rinsing needs.  The add-on faucets come in different length spouts ranging from 6" up to 18".  If you have any questions regarding our single hole deck-mount pre-rinse faucets, send us a message or give us a call today!

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