Stainless Steel 3 Compartment Bar Sinks

Stainless Steel 3 Compartment Bar Sinks

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AT Faucet manufactures and distributes 3 compartment stainless steel bar sinks to the highest degree of qualiity.  Our sinks are made of 304 stainless steel for long lasting life and come with free shipping on every sink!

The most common bar sink or underbar sink is the 3 compartment.  We offer a huge variety of these units ranging from 36" left to right up to 96" left to right.  Each bowl size is a standard 10" left to right, 14" front to back and 10" depth.  You can purchase these sinks with no drainboards, with 2 drainboards or with a drainboard on the left or right side depending on your needs.  Our bar sinks come in depths starting at 18-1/2" deep up to 24" deep front to back.  Depending on which size bar sink you need, these sinks take a 4" center wall-mount faucet or a 4" center deck-mount faucet.  The overall height on these bar sinks range from 32" including the backsplash up to 39" with the backsplash.  The overall work height is a standard 30".  The bar sinks differ from a standard commercial sink in the height of each.  The commercial sinks come in a work height of 36" and have roughly a 8 or 9" backsplash.  The reason the bar sinks are so much lower is due to the working environment where height is an issue.  These sinks need to be able to fit under the bar top and line up with the other equipment.  This makes everythiing behind the bar easy and accessible. 

If you are looking for any commercial bar sink, let us know as we have plenty of 1, 2, 3 and 4 compartment sinks to offer.  AT Faucet stands by our products and you will not be disappointed with any one of our 3 compartment bar sinks!

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