Commercial Kitchen Grease Traps

Commercial Grease Traps

PDI Certified Grease Traps with Free Shipping!

Commercial Kitchens require certain products that are necessities in order to pass your health inspection.  One of those products are Grease Traps or Grease Interceptors.  AT Faucet carries a variety of grease traps ranging from 14 lb grease traps up to 100 lb grease traps.  We offer a heavy duty plastic trap which comes with a 10 year warranty on each.  These grease traps are PDI Certified which stands for the Plumbing & Drainage Institute. 

Grease traps are measured by the capacity grease they can hold per trap which is considered the lbs or by the G.P.M. which stands for the Gallons Per Minute.  The G.P.M. means the amount of greasy water each trap is certified to flow through it in gallons per minute.  Below you will find the size grease traps we offer with the capacity in lbs and the G.P.M. per each trap.

14 lbs = 7 G.P.M.

20 lbs = 10 G.P.M.

30 lbs = 15 G.P.M.

40 lbs = 20 G.P.M.

50 lbs = 25 G.P.M.

70 lbs = 35 G.P.M.

100 lbs = 50 G.P.M.

This is a list of the size traps we currently offer.  As you can see, this G.P.M. works out to half of the grease capacity it can hold.  There is also a forumla you can use to convert the dimensions of your commercial sink or sinks to how many gallons per minute your commercial grease trap is supposed to hold.  This formula is used on occasion but we always recommend consulting with a health inspector in your city to find out if there is a certain requirement for each restaurant or commercial kitchen.  Many towns require a certain size in order to pass health code.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at AT Faucet and we will be happy to answer anything you have a question on including the commercial grease traps!


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