AT Faucet 8" Center Wall-Mount Pre-Rinse Faucets

AT Faucet Commercial Wall-Mount Pre-Rinse Faucets with Add-On Faucets

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AT Faucet pre-rinse faucets are made of heavy duty quality brass and plated in chrome.  They are blister packed and sealed so no loose parts are in the box.  Each and every pre-rinse faucet is NSF Certified & Lead Free.  These pre-rinse faucets come standard with a 3 year manufacturer warranty and our heavy duty Platinum Series comes with a 5 year warranty from time of purchase.  These pre-rinse faucets come with a 12" add-on faucet which has a 12" swing spout to it.  This is important because it gives you the option of either using the sprayer for your heavy duty rinsing or you can then turn that off and switch to the swing spout option for your standard rinsing of pots and pans.  Assembly is required on the faucets however they can be assembled in no time with the help of a professional plumber. 

These pre-rinse faucets designed for optimal use with a commercial sink or restaurant sink.  The backsplash of the sink has holes pre-drilled which is where the faucet body will line up with flush with the backsplash essentially covering the 2 holes.  The 2 escutcheons provided in the package will connect to the faucet body but also will need to connect to the wall-mount mounting kit.  The mounting kits are not provided with the purchase.  However, we do sell them in our store for $24.95 with free shipping which will work for one faucet per mounting kit.  The mounting kit connects the plumbing line behind the sink to the actual faucet boy as well as secures the faucet to the sink for stability.  The mounting kit consists of 2 90 degree elbows, 2 locknuts, 2 washers and 2 nipples.  When purchasing your next commercial faucet, you will not go wrong with any one of our 8" center wall-mount pre-rinse faucets.

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