AT Faucet 8" Center Wall-Mount Faucet with 14" Spout


AT Faucet 8" Center Wall-Mount Faucet with 14" Spout

  • 8" center wall-mount
  • 14" swing spout
  • Standard duty construction
  • Hot & cold handles
  • NSF certified
  • Low lead
  • 3 year warranty
  • Free shipping to Continental United States

AT Faucet manufactures exceptional quality commercial kitchen faucets.  This particular faucet is NSF Certified and is Lead Free.  It comes with a 3 year warranty.  The faucet is blister packed and sealed so there are no loose parts rolling around the box once faucet is received.  Included is a brass chrome plated body with hot and cold handle indicators.  It comes with a 14" swing spout which measures from the base of the spout to the other end of the spout.  2 escutcheons are also included with 2 washers to assist in assembly of this faucet.  It also ships with free shipping along with all of our products.  A wall-mount mounting kit might be needed when hooking up the plumbing to the faucet and securing the faucet to the backsplash of the sink.  If so, we have it avaialable in our store for $24.95 with free shipping!

Commercial faucets are a necessity for any sink wether it be in a commercial kitchen, restaurant, bar, club or even garage.  We at AT Faucet are confident you will love our product.  This faucet is intended for use with a medium to large size compartment sink.  There are only 2 other size spouts available above this size which are the 16" spout and the 18" spout.  When you are shopping or researching a commercial kitchen faucet, do not hesitate when purchasing an AT Faucet.  We stand by our products and can assist you with anything ranging from questions or concerns, to warranty issues up to installation questions.  You will not be disappointed with this 8" Center Wall-Mount Faucet with 14" Spout.

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