AT Faucet 8" Center Wall-Mount Pre-Rinse Faucet with 12" Add-On Faucet Platinum Series

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AT Faucet 8" Center Wall-Mount Pre-Rinse Faucet with 12" Add-On Faucet

NSF Certified & Lead Free 

5 Year Warranty

  • AT Faucet Platinum Series Pre-Rinse Faucet
  • 8" center wall-mount
  • 12" add-on faucet
  • 44" stainless steel hose
  • Hot & cold handles
  • Material-  brass chrome plated
  • NSF certified
  • Lead free
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Heavy duty compression cartridges
  • New swivel spray head adjusts to variety of angles
  • Heavy duty spring retainer
  • This product includes check valve to prevent cross-flow
  • 5 year warranty
  • Mounting kit not included
  • Free shipping to Continental United States

This pre-rinse faucet is composed of lead free brass which is then plated in chrome.  The warranty for this pre-rinse faucet comes with a 5 year manufacturer warranty.  

Included in the price is a heavy duty 8" center splash-mount body with hot and cold handle indicators. This body is a heavier body with heavy duty cartridges for long lasting life.  A 12" add-on faucet, which is included, attaches to the body of the pre-rinse faucet to make washing and rinsing a cinch.  This add-on faucet gives you the option to use the standard faucet for smaller pots and pans.  The spout is a 12" swing spout which is ideal for 3 compartment sinks.  You can then turn this off and switch to the sprayer function which sprays off the harder to rinse and clean food stuck to the pots and pans. 

The riser pipe is 20" which comes with a 6" wall bracket that attaches to the wall for support.  The riser then attaches to a spring retainer which adds additional support when using the sprayer function.  This retainer attaches to a flexible stainless steel hose which containes a santoprene inner pipe.  The spray valve attaches to the hose which is where the spraying function takes place.  You simply squeeze the handle while holding the grip of the hose and this allows the steady stream of water flow.  There is an additional ring to hold the handle in the on position so you will not need to constantly squeeze the handle.  The item is blister packed which all pieces securely in place and is shipped free of charge.  You won't be disappointed with this wall-mount pre-rinse faucet!


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