Glastender CBA-36L Cocktail Unit Combo Ice Bin 36" with Left Bottle Well


Combo Ice Bins combine separate draining ice bin and bottle well compartments into one integral unit. The fully insulated bottle well comes with wire rack(s) for ice chilled storage of bottles. The bottle well may be located on the left, right, or both sides of the ice bin. 

  • Dimensions (L x W x H)- 36" x 19" x 37"
  • Main liner length-  22"
  • Ice Capacity-  67 lbs
  • All stainless steel construction 
  • One-piece, seamless top and backsplash 
  • PVC plastic breaker strip around ice bin liner: creates 5/16″ raised edge around liner, acts as thermal barrier to prevent heat transfer, and makes the cover slide easier 
  • Tubing chase available centered in backsplash of 12″ and larger models. Specify accessory model #TC-BS. 
  • Available in 6″ incremental lengths from 30″ to 60″ 
  • 24″ deep version provides larger ice bin not just a deck exten-sion on the back of the 19″ deep model 
  • Sliding stainless steel cover 
  • CFC free foamed-in-place insulation 
  • Adjustable stainless steel bullet feet 
  • Ten circuit cold plate is available on units where the main ice bin liner is 22″ or wider (add suffix ‘-CP10’ to model number) 
  • Lead Time-  3-4 weeks
  • Free shipping to Continental United States
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