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Glastender Commercial Drop-In Ice Bin with Water Station



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  • Cut-out dimensions: 17-1/2′′ by 22-1/2′′
  • Manufactured with total welded construction to meet all NSF® standards
  • Stainless steel top, interior liner, and sink bowl
  • Unique hemmed edge for added strength and visual appeal
  • 9-1/4′′ by 11-1/2′′ by 6′′ deep sink bowl
  • Includes four 1/4-20 x 1-1/2′′ studs for mounting to countertop
  • Includes 1-1/2′′ IPS drain fitting
  • PVC plastic breaker strip around ice bin liner: creates 5/16′′ raised edge around liner, acts as thermal barrier to prevent heat transfer, and makes the cover slide easier
  • Sliding stainless steel cover
  • CFC Free foamed-in-place insulation Galvanized steel exterior wrap 10-1/2′′ deep liner
  • Heavy-duty faucet is standard
  • Ice capacity-  33 lbs
  • Lead time 2-3 weeks
  • Free shipping to Continental United States
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