Glastender GW24 Commercial Rotary Glasswasher 24"

  • Dimensions (L x W x H)-  24" x 24" x 30-¾" 
  • Fill and dump style cycle uses less water and energy than traditional rotary glasswashers 
  • Unit plugs into standard 120V electrical outlet for an easy installation
  • Computer controlled fill cycle allows for 75°F (24°C) rinse, providing clean glasses that are cool to the touch 
  • Specifically designed with a 30″ work height to align with adjacent underbar for an attractive installation 
  • The sliding cover and cold water rinse prevent steam from escaping during and after the cycle 
  • Unique drainboard top provides integrated glassware landing area 
  • Exclusive design with side notch provides space for three one- gallon chemical containers within the 24″ by 24″ foot print 
  • Conveyor advance switch rotates conveyor one-half turn for easy loading and unloading of glassware 
  • Covers and drainboard top are easily removable for cleaning access 
  • Pumped wash and rinse ensures water line pressure variances do not affect wash results 
  • Pre-programmed de-liming cycle for easy removal of mineral deposits during maintenance (de-liming agent must be added) 
  • Conveyor and stationary spray box are easily removed for cleaning and visual inspection 
  • Removable side panels for easy service access 
  • Automatic peristaltic metering pumps accurately dispense detergent, sanitizer, and rinse aid 
  • Includes priming switches for easy priming of chemical pumps 
  • 120V, single phase, 60Hz, 6-foot grounded cord included 
  • Dedicated 15 amp circuit recommended 
  • Power requirements - 3.5 amps 
  • 120°F (49ºC) minimum wash temp and rinse temp adjustable down to 75°F (24ºC) 
  • 2 minute 15 second cycle
  • 41 glasses† per cycle 
  • Maximum glass height 10″ 
  • Based on 2-3/4" diameter bar glasses 
  • Lead time- 2-3 weeks 
  • Free shipping to Continental United States 
  • Picture shown with chemical bottles not included


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