8" Center Wall-Mount Pre-Rinse Faucet Heavy Duty

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SKU: 60451KL8500

Wall-Mount Pre-Rinse Faucet

NSF Certified & Lead Free

Commercial Kitchen Sinks need faucets to function properly.  Many options are available but the momst common is a standard faucet with swing spout.  However, we recommend a different option which you will be sure to thank us!  This option is the faucet listed.  It is an 8" center wall-mount which attaches to the backsplash of a commercial kitchen sink.  The sprayer provided offers a speedy alternative to washing pots and pans.  Not only can you spray your pots and pans, we also offer an add-on faucet which can attach to the riser pipe of this sprayer.  The add-on faucet would act as the spout like any standard faucet and you would have the option to either use the standard spout faucet or you can alternate and use sprayer for food that is really stuck on and hard to clean.  The add-on faucets also come in a variety of spout lengths depending on the size of the compartment in your commercial sink.  Below you will find the specs on the faucet which comes with a 2 year warranty which goes to show our confidence in the product. Don't forget, all products from AT Faucet ship free of charge.  The price you see is the price you pay!

  • 8" center splash-mount pre-rinse faucet
  • Institutional quality, heavy duty pre-rinse units.
  • Rugged low lead brass alloy body with triple chrome plate finish and stainless steel covered hose for long life and low maintenance.
  • Low lead brass valve stem and seat use urethane bibb type washer.
  • Brass insert in hose handle.
  • PathoGuard™* antimicrobial treatment protects grip and handle from deterioration, odor, or color change caused by the growth of bacteria or molds.
  • Complete with 12" wall bracket.
  • Two year limited warranty.
  • Free shipping to Continental United States

This wall-mount pre-rinse faucet is a perfect choice for any commercial kitchen!

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